Project Fund Raising through Itlaa Token Offering


30 million token available in Tier1 on Price 0.005 USDT per $itlaa token

minimum buy 20 USDT

Sale Started



On the official itlaa website, This is the ONLY place you can purchase $itlaa presale tokens. must read whitepaper below before making decision

Contact Person: Reach out to co-founder M Malik on X platform on our official handle @itlaafinance

Contract Adress: 0xcc390e46445d2fe72eb0a7b3ca1828df82c79eee

Contract Creator Wallet: 0x2B38D8b732dB0cfcC0C36de60b1676E5dB16769B

Created Date: September 2023

Transfered: 5000 tokens transfered for testing till March 2024

First Pre-Sale Tier Date : coming soon

Steps to buy

Step 1 : Verify connection between given Contract Creator wallet & $itlaa Contract address on

how to verify ? copy Contract address or Contract Creator address from above goto and paste in search MATCH THE ADDRESS

Step 2: Manually send your desired minimum 20 USDT amount to Contract Creator Wallet

how to send? copy wallet address 0x2B38D8b732dB0cfcC0C36de60b1676E5dB16769B paste and transfer from your wallet

Step 3: copy Contract address 0xcc390e46445d2fe72eb0a7b3ca1828df82c79eee import token in your wallet BSC Network

why this step needed? you'll only see $itlaa token in your wallet if you import it.

Step 4: wait 24 hours $itlaa token will be transfferd to your wallet within in 15 minutes to 24 hours. if 24 hours passed reach to Malik on X platform @itlaafinance for reminder


blockchain transactions always available to track transactions. Reports of daily transfers will be publish on our X Platform Handle @itlaafinance

currently we are selling first Tier once it's completed tier 2 disribution will be started on different rate USDT per $itlaa token


Agenda : our agenda is transparent FUND RAISING to establish & execute our project & blockchain

Project Fund Raising through Itlaa Token Offering

Verifcation : goto and find itlaafinance ( link in footer

This project aiming to revolutionize e-commerce, Real Estate property listings & payments, and digital marketplace through the development and implementation of cutting-edge technology. The project seeks to raise minimum $1 Million via a BEP-20 itlaa token sale, offering a total of 200 million tokens. The funds generated will be strategically allocated to ensure the successful execution of the project.


Our project is committed to transforming real estate, e-commerce, and digital marketing landscapes through innovative solutions. To fund this initiative, we are launching a itlaa token, offering a total of Fixed 200 million tokens with the goal of raising minimum $1 million through a four-tier pre-sale structure.


- Total Token Supply: 200 million Fixed
- Pre-sale Allocation: 100 million tokens
- Company Team Allocation: 30 million tokens
- Public Sale Allocation: 20 million tokens afer adding liquidy after pre-sale done
- Lockup or Burn: 50 million tokens (we are considering to burn these token after successfull pre sale to achieve a stable minium price.)

Token Sale Structure:

The token sale will be conducted in four tiers with varying benefits for early investors. The tier prices are as follows:

- Tier 1: 30 millons tokens usdt 0.005 per token 60 Days Sale Started
- Tier 2: 30 milliion tokens usdt 0.01 per token 30 Days
- Tier 3: 20 million tokens usdt 0.02 per token 30 Days
- Tier 4: 20 milion tokens usdt 0.03 per token 30 Days
Investors will receive additional bonuses and incentives based on the tier they participate in. The token sale is capped at minium $1 million.

Token Lockup:

To ensure the long-term stability and success of the project, a portion of the tokens will be subject to a lockup period. The 50 million tokens allocated for a 3 year deposit will be securely held in a smart contract, promoting confidence among investors. after 3 years 12.5 million tokens will be release every year for the next four years

Utility Cases:

Our itlaa token will serve as a utility within the itlaa network,, NFT plateform, property payments, e-commerce payments, digital marketing sectors, resturants and shopping mall constructed by Users can utilize the token for seamless and cost-effective transactions, creating a streamlined ecosystem for these services by itlaa network.

7. Roadmap:

Our roadmap outlines the key milestones and development phases of the project, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Phase 1: classified portal and already developed and online. as our web portals are developed we will continue market of these on social media for visibility. as is online marketplace we will continiously market it along with $itlaa token symbol on every banner ad.
Phase 2: itlaa token Pre-sale to raise minimum 1 milion dollars in 6 months
Phase 3: WALLET coming soon remainig leftover tokens from pre sale will be BURN and tokens allocated for public sale will be available for trade along with liquidity pool we add. NOTE: we will add additional 10% or more liquidity from web portal's income every month or time to time.
Phase 4: NOW (after 6 month) Itlaa token are tradeable on decenteralised exchanges and holders can buy or sell as per their demand. we will put our complete efforts to list it on dfferent exchanges.
Phase 5: we will accept itlaa token as payment option from advertisers who are part of Propertyfindo & echo system. we will add special offers for that to our clients.
Phase 6: after successful fundraising Development of itlaa network blockchain and itlaa social e-commerce marketplace application with latest technologhy and blockchain features. it will be awsome.
Phase 7: we will add more scalability to make our project successfull and consisant.


co-founder M Malik

our HOLDERS will not regret it.